Essay about Feminism And The Women 's Movement

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The personal is political is a phrase commonly associated with feminism and the women’s movement, in particular, a paper written by Carol Hanisch in 1969. The personal is political is a way of reminding women they are likely not alone in struggles they are facing, and the reason for these struggles can lie in the oppressiveness of society. Hanisch was just one of many activists who have fought for women’s rights and equality. In her paper, Hanisch (1969) states that information gathering sessions were sometimes referred to as ‘therapy’ or personal sessions, however, she saw these sessions as political and essential step for formulating political action. This notion is supported by Fitzgerald who states “in order to create change, we must start by reviewing and reframing where we are and where we have come from” (1998, p.3). The women’s movement took positive steps in aiming to achieving equality between men and women for political, economic, personal and social rights. In order to get a better understanding of the current situation, this essay will first explore where feminism began, what it entails, different feminist theories and how all of this has impacted on the state of feminism today.

Firstly, let’s look at who women are. Globally, there are approximately 62million more males than females, however, although males outnumber females in birth-rates, due to higher mortality rates for males, as age increases so does the rate of females to males. While societies today tend…

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