Political Theory Personal Statement

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I have a deep-seated passion for fixing injustice in the world, particularly the inequality of women, including the systemic violence they face in our contemporary societies. Political theory has given me a framework in which to pursue the desire I have, to understand these issues in an educated context. This has led to my fascination with the writings of political thinkers, frondeurs, philosophy, international law, and the freedom of sexuality. I intend to purse feminist political theory, especially in context to Islam. Theses bodies of writing are leading me to seek to bridge the misconceptions between these fields. I want to understand as much about the way the world works as I possibly can. Once one understands how a system works, one can critically analyze and develop ways to improve it. I have a unique ability to pursue contributing to this body of work due to an …show more content…
This has taught me the importance of who you learn under. I have thoroughly become a student of their learning in political science, and want to continue to perpetuate and contribute to this body of knowledge, in the captivating way that I learned it. I intrinsically value the discipline and wish to spend the rest of my life adding to it. I wish to be a professor so that I can teach future generations part of a body of substantive knowledge. This field of study, is one of longstanding tradition and I want to be a part of how others learn it. Immersing myself in political science has become a vital passion. The gravitas in my academic experiences lie in how I’ve grown as a student and as a person. These experiences have satiated grit within me and are characterized by ardor and earnestness of purpose. Fundamentally, I wish to transition from being a consumer of knowledge, to being a producer of knowledge. A journey I believe can be best pursued at your

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