Feminism And The First And Second Waves Essay examples

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Every feminist has come across someone who just doesn’t understand feminism. The same questions about whether we hate men, are all lesbians, and more have always cropped up. So, when I went to the internet looking for people who just don’t understand, I wasn’t disappointed. However, I was disappointed by the amount of feminists whose response was “you just don’t understand!” and left it at that. Even worse were the scores of “feminists” threatening people with rape and other atrocities just because they didn’t consider themselves feminists. How do we, as a movement, expect to get anyone to understand our cause if we are rude and threatening? Also, the definition of feminism has changed so often that I doubt key feminists from the first and second waves would truly be considered feminists today. Feminism is constantly changing, as should our approach to dealing with people who don’t understand our cause.
Sometimes, when looking at people who choose not to understand what feminism means, the response “women already got the vote, what else do we need?” This is a plain indicator that the person speaking has absolutely no idea what the goals are of the third-wave of feminism. First wave feminism focused on the voting rights, property rights, and influence within the family and society. For the beginning of feminism, these were direct and well-liked goals. According to the in-class textbook, In Their Time, first-wave feminism’s “participants were largely white and middle-class,…

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