Essay on Feminism And The Feminist Movement

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Raised in a conservative Christian home, I personally have been on both sides of the arguments involving the feminist movements. Many feel that feminist hate all men and are simply women complaining about trivial things they claim are problems in the world. These views are the ones that I was taught were true at a young age. Yet, as I grew older I slowly realized that feminism is not about the trivial and mundane things women face in their lives. It is a social movement calling for equality for all, not just women. I believe feminism is a valid social movement still prevalent today because many still place people into strict constructs that are based solely on stereotypes formed throughout the years. Feminism calls for a woman’s right to be able to do anything a man can do. Leaps and bounds have been made, but issues still persist. Women can vote and hold jobs as they please, as long as the job fits a certain gender type. Many jobs are still seen as inherently feminine or inherently masculine causing problems as women attempt to venture away from their feminine roles. Sharing drams of professions seen as masculine are chalked up as bad ideas for women. “You want to be a doctor? When will you have time to have and raise children? Don’t you want to have a family?” These are the things many ask girls who put forth the idea of medical school or any other demanding job. Yet when a male shares his aspirations, he is congratulated, those around him tell him how…

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