Feminism And The Feminist Movement Essay

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Feminist stereotypes are used in everyday language and can affect everyone. From the stereotypes that, “Feminist whine about everything” to “Feminists don’t shave”. These stereotypes are quite absurd and as you can see, they are also obviously negative. Consequently, these negative stereotypes are harmful because by attacking feminism, it attacks all of the people that feminism helps. As we delve into these stereotypes one might ask, “why there are so many stereotypes and why they exist?”. By exploring the use and content of these stereotypes, we will see that the purpose of these stereotypes is to encourage and support sexism, racism, binary thought, homophobia and racism towards and within the feminist community.
The stereotype that, feminists hate men (bell hooks, 2000, pg. 11), is damaging to the feminist movement and encourages sexism. This stereotype demonises feminism and discourages young people from discovering feminism for themselves The negative connotations around it causes young people are reluctant to identify as feminists in public because of the stereotype; which leads to phrases similar to “I’m not a feminist, but…” introduced in You’re a Hardcore Feminist. I swear (Valenti, 2007). Furthermore, people use such phrases in order to not seem “uptight” or as a “Man-hating-feminist” to their peers. This stereotype encourages sexism by insinuating that it is “acceptable” to demonise people who want equal opportunities for people regardless of their gender…

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