Feminism Vs Childhood

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The word feminism first appeared in the 1890’s however many confuse the feminism of today with woman’s suffrage; both movements being very, very different. Some would consider pregnancy and child birth to be a touchy subject when speaking to most feminists today. They often argue American culture is suppressing women’s choices with the anti-abortion movement, with becoming pregnant, and women’s health care and these points simply are not true. Feminist Jessica Valenti received a degree in Woman’s Gender Studies and published an article in the Washington Post saying, “Parenting is simply presented as something everyone-especially women-is supposed to do. This expectation is in line with the antiabortion movement….” (McCuen 933) Many feminists …show more content…
Valenti once again uses this out of context and claims, “Telling women that what is best for a pregnancy is automatically best for them defines motherhood as a woman prioritizing the needs of a child, real or hypothetical, over her own.” (McCuen 932) Medical science doesn’t see gender when it comes to lung cancer, liver failure, obesity, addiction and brain cell damage, and sexually transmitted diseases when last checked. Every one of these ailments is caused by the CDC’s avoid list for both sexes. To claim the CDC is placing children’s prenatal health over a woman’s health cannot even be called a proper argument since the point trying to be made is so far from the truth. Valenti also speaks about a pre-conception movement where the health care system treats women as if they are prenatal or pregnant and how women do not want to be treated in this manner. A study was published in 1999 that interviewed over 11,000 women that had had their tubes tied between the ages of 18-44. 14 years after the surgery had taken place 20.3% of the women 30 or under deeply regretted their decision. (Hillis 889) This regret is from their own choice of sterilization, so how much more devastating would it be if they became infertile because they didn’t take care of their bodies and listen to their doctor when they were younger? Even if a woman is absolutely sure she does not want children when she’s in her 20’s she should still care for her body and it’s biological design because she might very well change her mind and thank her younger self

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