Feminism And Its Impact On Women Essay

1227 Words Dec 14th, 2016 5 Pages
For a majority of history women have been denied many opportunities simply because they were regarded as the lesser gender. Since then, many strides have been made, and now, women can vote, pursue careers, and so much more; however, in spite of that, women still are not seen as equals among their peers. Mainstream feminism has a problem as old as the movement itself: prioritizing the experiences and voices of cisgender, straight, white women over women of color, queer women and those who fall outside this narrow identity. While the problem has persisted for decades, it now has a name: "white feminism." White feminism is essentially any expression of feminist thought or action that is anti-intersectional, and while white feminists may understand the importance of intersectionality in theory, some fail to act on it in practice. As the old saying goes, easier said than done. Feminism cannot progress without women accepting each other.
There is a clear disdain among the general, opinionated population for women of color using feminism to navigate their political and social lives. White celebrities like Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lawrence are often put on a pedestal for identifying as feminist, but colored women, like Zendaya, are attacked for using the label. Most times colored celebrities allegiance to feminism if called into question. When Beyonce came out with her 2013 album Beyonce, many questioned if she really was a feminist despite her song Flawless featuring Chimamanda…

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