Feminism And Its Impact On Women Essay example

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It’s been over 100 years now that women have been fighting for equal rights to their male counterparts, but it’s been even more years that women have had to struggle with being treated lesser than men under most circumstances. From being confined strictly to the house as a wife and mother, to working under extreme conditions with very little pay, to working in the same conditions as men but with less pay… It’s very obvious that women made a lot of much needed progress in the last century. While feminists have helped women come as far as they have within three proven waves of feminism, I feel as though the core values, ideas, and goals of feminism have changed. I will argue in this paper that not only are we amidst an undisclosed fourth wave of “feminism,” but it is also related to the fact that both the general concept and image of feminism have changed drastically. Although feminist movements have gained a lot of momentum throughout the years, somewhere along the way people lost sight of feminists’ core values and intentions. This has caused them to backtrack in a lot of ways and reverse some of the progress that they or their feminist ancestors strived to achieve to begin with.
Before jumping into the different waves of feminism, it is important to understand just what feminism means or at least what it meant to people in the beginning. I’m not talking about the general consensus on what it means to be a feminist or peoples’ opinions on it in today’s world. I’m talking…

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