Essay about Feminism And Its Impact On Society

1016 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
When exploring deeply constructed ideologies and movements one must rely on the words and the events of the past. Feminist philosophy or moreover feminism is a movement that has always existed in a number of forms. Any feminine or masculine figure who clearly denounces separatism among the sexes, whether they claim or not, is a feminist. What is feminism and why is it a massive and powerful concept? It is a movement, movements are meant to shape and create a new way of thinking and a new way of life. There are always those who support, fight against, or simply do not understand what feminism is. The argument at hand is why is it called feminism if it stands for the equality of sexes socially, politically, and economically? Could this be categorized as a misinterpretation of what it stands for or a misleading characteristic of the movement completely? I was having a conversation recently and something struck me as substantial grounds for this argument. Feminism is a renowned concept that many individuals follow or support, but has its motives changed from the beginning, and if so should the way it is advertised change also in order to include a larger audience and enable increased support? When one can look deeper into the creation it could prevail that this concept has changed and there is the probability that it will continue to change, but the prominent question is will it be more receptive to an upcoming expansive generation. Can feminism’s name be salvaged?…

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