Feminism And Its Impact On Society Essay

972 Words Oct 17th, 2016 4 Pages
I started this class having zero knowledge of what was to come. I did not know what the actual meaning of feminism was, or how it affected people. When surveyed if I was a feminist, I circled “not sure” because I was not going to say yes to a topic I knew little about, while I still believed in equality for women and men, I did not have the sufficient amount of information to circle “yes” or “no”. As of now, the knowledge I have accumulated has taught me that feminism is not just a noun, but also a theory that is presented in various forms of representations, such as in consumer culture and visuals. One form of consumer culture that really “hits home” with me and I feel strongly about is the media – magazines, advertisements, videos, and television and the way they influence us and our children. I believe that these are a few of the many things that majorly reinforce binary constructions of gender, that like I said, not only affects women, but men and children as well.
Gender is just a term we as a society adopted to divide two different biological sexes. One of the many things I have learned from this class was that both sexes can be oppressed. While women are still discretely discriminated, men are as well. Are gender binaries problematic? Yes, definitely! Social order coined gender and its split labels male and female, setting unachievable and unacceptable standards for each. Male equals masculinity. Female equals femininity. Why not the other way around? Why can’t men…

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