Feminism And Its Impact On Society Essay

1651 Words Dec 1st, 2016 7 Pages
As a white female, I have experienced very little, if even any, discrimination in my lifetime thus far because of my racial orientation. But it has become very evident in our society today that many people do not live in the same state of mind, or living situation, that I do. A sense of superiority plays a big role in the act of defining individuals, or perceiving another life to amount of lesser value than yours, rather. A numerous amount of other individuals have been victimized for what they had no control over, whether it be their race or gender. However, there are specific beliefs that have minorly influenced my life specifically, Feminism and Catholicism.
With the most recent presidential election, many issues had arisen involving both candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, along with their followers. There were also many stereotypes that carried a heavy weight on voters who were asked who they decided to cast their vote for. The most familiar stereotype that was connected to Clinton’s campaign was Feminism, both because she had gone further than any previous female candidate had in any election and because of her strong position on abortion. This assumption is inaccurately placed among the half of the nation that had voted for Hillary Clinton because there were many other contributing factors within her campaign that supported her candidacy. The stereotype associated with citizens who had voted for Trump is the racistic quality of the voter because of how…

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