Feminism And Its Impact On Society Essay

1251 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
Feminism is basically equally for all people of both genders. In the past, men have always been superior to women, and in some occasions the stereotype lives on. There are more CEOs named John than there are women CEOs period. Feminism fights for equal rights politically and socially for all genders. Any gender should be socially accepted and all rights should be the same. Many people think that feminists are for women and against men, but that is not the case. Some men are seen as pigs and savage, and a lot of feminists represent that, but that is not the true concept. Feminists are meant to support equality, not just women. A lot of feminists take it too far and end up not even following their own beliefs, and end up offending men with their biase to women. I need Feminism because it allows both genders to be equal and express who they are.
The speakers want the viewers to understand the struggle and how painful it can be to be transgender both physically and emotionally. Being transgender involves injecting different chemicals in the body, as well as many different painful procedures. It hurts a lot to become the gender you want to be, to imagine wanting to be the other gender so bad, but socially I will not be accepted is pretty devastating. I would be scarred physically on my body and in my mind, just because I want to like the way I physically look. There were many points that I found significant in the videos, but three stood out. The first one is from “Ethan Smith.”…

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