Essay on Feminism And Its Impact On Society

817 Words Nov 30th, 2016 4 Pages
While looking at these Tumblr posts and reading the article concerning these posts, they reflect outgroup bias in the sense that they both have a negative outlook toward the feminist because they lack true knowledge concerning the group. Depending on the person, feminism can mean an array of things. According to our text, “we tend to hold unfavorable attitudes toward outgroup interactions because of our ignorance of their cultural values and norms” (pg. 43). Looking at the Tumblr posts, half of them didn’t need feminism while the other half needed feminism. As the article pointed out, “it’s not a gender issue, it’s a humanity issue.” In my opinion, feminism will always be an issue. There are so many cultures and ultimately, a lot of views regarding issues such as this that I don’t think it will completely go away. It’s an issue we as a society and other cultures view as either negative or positive depending on what our beliefs are. Regarding attribution errors, the feminist issue represents two biases: fundamental attribution error and principle of negativity. Fundamental attribution error is when one overestimates another’s personality or the situational factors regarding an event. As read in the article, people can either give each other negative or positive remarks if he or she is a feminist. Feminism isn’t strictly geared towards women; it also affects men. As mentioned above, it’s a humanity issue, not a gender issue. Furthermore, the principle of negativity states…

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