Feminism And Gender Discrimination : The Vampire Slayer Essay

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Feminism And Gender discrimination In today 's prominence, we still pursue the issues of gender discriminations. By law men and women are to be treated equally and that no judgment dissertation or discrimination is to be made, by that we have laws that protect women of such things. We live in a world where sexism is still being undermined and women issues are still complex. It’s easy to say women can do it all, but do you really believe in women being a wonder women, a top engineer or even the greatest leader of a country or nation with the outcome of prosperity. It’s not until women prove them selfs is when you have the highest faith in them because they passed the trials and journeys to overcome the obstacles as a man would. In "Buffy The Vampire Slayer, ' ' we do come across gender discrimination but a clear message of women 's self-capability, strife, courage. In this is essay we will be touching basis who indicates the discrimination and how women today still struggle with sexism. Feminism and sexism are still a complex issue today. Women today still strive for full and sincere equality. Despite the women’s equality law women are still looked down on and incapable fields of expertise or in any genre that is required masculinity. In BTVS in the episode “Helpless,” Buffy loses her power due to being tested without her super power abilities. Giles then feels guilty and is concerned about her safety because he feminine weak ways. Buffy then proves her ways with…

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