Feminism : A Long Time Since The Political, Economic, And Social Aspects Of Life

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A long time ago women had been denied many rights, such as the right to vote, and earn money. They not only had zero rights, but they were also confined by the many stereotypes surrounding women about what they have to do, such as them cooking, cleaning, and caring for children. Some women were sick of their treatment in society, so in order to fight this, feminism was born. The feminists fought for the rights which were unjustly denied by the government and society. Feminists believed feminism is the idea that both men and women are equal in the political, economic, and social aspects of life. Feminists have been slowly changing society for the greater good, after each phase of feminism many opportunities have opened up for not only women, but also men. A few years ago feminism stopped being beneficial to both men and women, and is now something people do not want to associate with. Feminism is no longer trying to achieve a just goal, and it is now feeding off things which make people no longer want feminism, so that it could remain relevant in today’s society.
Feminism has been alive for a very long time, so it is only natural for their goals to change overtime. In the article “Four Waves of Feminism” by Martha Rampton, she describes each wave of feminism, such as when the wave started, ended,and what their goal was. The first wave of feminists appeared in the early nineteenth century, where both men and women fought for women’s right to vote, but it would eventually dial…

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