Feminism : A Feminist Perspective Essay

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3. Over the past few years, there has been a great deal of discussion in popular culture about what the word feminism means. Both supporters and detractors of feminism often speak with authority about the meaning of this word. One of the aims of this course has been to show that feminism is more complex than one often hears in these kinds of discussions. Using at least three of the readings from this semester, describe what you think constitutes a feminist methodology. In other words, tell me what you think it means to analyze religion, history, and/or culture from a feminist perspective. You must use one reading from one of the two units we discussed in the second half of the course that you do not write on in your other response. For example, if you decide to answer this prompt along with prompt number two, you must write on at least one of the authors from the unit on gender, race, and religion. The two other readings you choose, however, can come from any section of the course.

Feminist: “a person who believes in the social political and economic equality of the sexes.” What I think constitutes a feminist methodology is a feminist doesn 't mean you hate males, It means that you want gender equality for all. I feel sad about the way women and men are afraid to say they are feminists. Chimamanda says, "A world of happier men, and happier women who are truer to themselves". I don 't accuse all feminists of hating men. I personally focus on the love and positivity of…

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