Feminism : A Feminist Perspective Essay

967 Words Dec 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Is it ok to be a feminist? In today’s society feminism is looked down on. People who identify themselves as feminists are often called “man haters”. The true definition of feminism is the equality of men and women in all aspects of life. This doesn 't seem like something we should disagree with but there are some who do. Feminism is a movement, just like any other ism it has its pros and cons. In this paper the idea of feminism will be represented and compared to other movements which stand against it.
Feminism is a beliefe in the equality of the sex’s, it is a movement that has been around for a long time. Currently in today’s society this movement is dying off. Less women are choosing to identify as feminists because of the way it is viewed in society. Today people who are feminists are called “man haters” or the word is considered too “extreme”. Ths makes it very hard for true feminists. What I mean by a true feminists is someone who stands for what feminism really means. In every movement there is a small radical group of people who set the movement back with their extremist beliefs. In the feminist movement this is the women who truly are man haters. These women change the meaning of the movement and give the idea of feminism a bad name. A true feminist is someone who believes that men and women are being held back by stereotypes but women are being oppressed by the structure of these stereotypes. At the National U.N Conference for Women, Emma Watson talks about…

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