Feminism : A Feminist Movement Essay

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Feminism, the belief and promotion of equality between the sexes politically, socially, and economically, is a widespread movement throughout the Americas. This movement, while generally seen as one large and homogenous effort, is quite diverse in the goals, views, challenges, achievements, and people involved. By the late 1950 's, the majority of the nations in North, Central, and South America had granted women voting rights. (Infoplease). These early 20th century suffrage movements were the first real cause that united women into what today would be considered a feminist movement. The suffrage movements for women sparked an ideology that would grow and develop throughout the century. The use of the word feminism to describe the ideology of equality between the sexes developed in the United States in the early 20th and mid to late 19th century due largely to necessity being the mother of invention. During the era of women 's suffrage in the United States, feminism was not yet a popularized term, and originally rose up not out of concern for women 's rights, but out of concern for other social movements. (Pacific University). Women of the era often advocated for things such as temperance and abolitionism. (Christen Conger). However, because women could not yet vote, it was difficult for their voices on these issues to be heard in a significant way, which led to the advocating of women 's suffrage. (Pacific University). The women 's suffrage movement sparked a larger…

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