Feminine Mystique Essays

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The Feminine Mystique, a novel written in 1963 by Betty Friedan, provided a strong wake up call for women in America about a problem that was negatively impacting them, but not spoken of. After women fought so hard in the 1930's for the right to vote and equality with men in many areas, the author describes how changes in attitude after World War II were convincing women that their most important role is to get married, have kids and take care of the home. However, these women then felt an emptiness and loss of purpose which led to depression and many other problems. Friedan’s book is very effective, for it is written like a thesis, filled with facts and first hand accounts to support her ideas and beliefs. She uses many different sources …show more content…
A second positive, informative point about this novel that I agree with is the author’s use of research, such as her use of magazines, to show a change in attitude towards women in America. The examples of magazines displayed how women were strictly portrayed as being housewives. There were no longer seen as independent, strong, working, or college-educated. One typical magazine issue, McCall’s, was used as a strong example by showing how its editorial contents were mainly about marriage and children (Friedan 81). Furthermore, Friedan also provided statistics proving that there are fewer women in college, but more women getting married at younger age and having more children. This type of research in the novel makes it tough for one to argue against the author’s beliefs due to the amount of facts given to back it up. The amount of different research sources provided by the author in the novel gave a great deal of factual information to reinforce her beliefs.
A negative aspect of the novel which, personally, I disliked is how Friedan does not give a balanced view along with her beliefs. Throughout the novel, all she speaks of is the great deal of unhappiness supposedly felt by all housewives. The author focused on this type of negativity when writing this novel in order to get her point across and support her theory. However, by doing so, she only gave a

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