Females Feeling More Pain By Ovid 's Metamorphoses Essay

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Females Feeling More Pain As I was reading Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the stories “Narcissus and Echo” and “Pyramus and Thisbe” stood out to me the most. The stories brought me to a time of my life that was very dark. I went to my best friend’s house one day, and told me that she was in love with an ex-boyfriend of mine, who happen to be her neighbor. She was going to ask him out as soon as he comes out of his house. She looked so happy, but I knew this guy and I did not want to see her hurt. Before I could tell her anything, the boy came out, and she was running over to him. I had to watch as in a nano-second her expression changed from happy to this painful, hurt look. Slowly, she walked back to her house. She went right past me, and walked into the bathroom. I waited a few moments, then entered to almost die at the sight in front of me. She had taken her razor, slashing her arm, and saying, “I am unworthy,” over and over again. I pulled the razor away before she can do anymore damage, but she tried to take it back. I had to smack her, and say, “No guy is worth your life!” The stories just reminded me of all this pain. The pain that my friend felt in her relationship helped me understand how Echo feels in “Narcissus and Echo” when Echo was rejected by Narcissus. Echo just wanted to hide away from the pain. Echo eventually dies from the pain, because he pain becomes too much for her to handle. In “Pryamus and Thisbe”, Thisbe come back to the tree in the graveyard to find her…

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