Female Teachers Preparing For The Day 's Lesson Essay

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You walk into a school in a rural town in southern Missouri and take a look down the hallways. All the students are at their lockers or heading to class. If you take a look into a few classrooms you will see female teachers preparing for the day’s lesson. Now take a look in the office and you will see a male principle enforcing the rules and distributing discipline. This phenomenon is all too common throughout most schools in Missouri. A common faux-pas is that teaching is for females, while administrative positions are for males. It is time for females to break that glass ceiling and secure those coveted administrative positions and for men to end the stigma that clings to the male teaching profession.
According to a study by the National Education Association (NEA), 17 percent of elementary school teachers in 1980 were males, that number has significantly decreased to the 14.2 percent today. However at the secondary level there is a much higher employment of male teachers, although that number has also dropped from over fifty percent to the 43 percent today. Sadly the minority of males is even scarcer in both primary and secondary schools, reporting only 2.4 percent of K-12 teachers as African American men (Bolch).
If you were to ask someone ‘Why don’t more men go into teaching?’ They would give you a list of reasons, with the most common being things such as it is women 's work, low salaries, and potential accusations of sexual abuse of children. Let’s explore some of…

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