Female Sex Offenders : Does Anyone Really Get Hurt? Essay example

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The Issues For this critical evaluation, I chose to discuss Chapter 10, Female Sex Offenders – Does Anyone Really Get Hurt? The chapter explores the difference in society’s perception of sex offenses when they are committed by women compared to when they are committed by men. It also discusses how differently we treat victims of female sex offenders, both in society and the criminal justice system. After reading, two issues in particular stood out to me: the influence of social constructs on how we perceive female sex offenders and their male victims, as well as how these social constructs contribute to victim blaming of said victims.
Personal Impact The most enlightening aspect of this chapter is how it forces the reader to realize that sex offenses are not a gendered crime. I think most of us think of sex offenses in terms of male perpetrators. I myself am also guilty of this. However, just as domestic violence is not exclusively committed by men, neither are sex offenses. Social constructs such as gender roles and scripts (e.g., schemas and/or roles we have for situations) seem to be responsible for this misconception. Throughout our entire lives, certain beliefs, behaviors, and preferences have been assigned as either naturally masculine or naturally feminine; for example, boys are expected to play with trucks while girls are expected to play with dolls. This mentality carries over into our sexual scripts. Sexual scripts are social constructs of human sexual behavior.…

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