Female Roles Of Women During The Night 's Odyssey And The Thousand And One Nights

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There are many different portrayals of how society or cultures have viewed female roles to be weak. But unlike most stories the Thousand and One Nights has portrayed female roles to be brave and powerful. Characters such as Shahrazad, the demon’s wife, King Shahryar’s first wife, and king Shahzaman’s first wife play a fearless role. The two reading works that have stood out was the Homer’s Odyssey and The Thousand and One Nights. These two works show the different ways of how female and/or male roles have been portrayed before the Common Era.
The depiction of women in The Arabian Nights changes uncontrollably. Towards the beginning of the tale women were mostly portrayed as prizes but then later on it changed to trouble for the male protagonist. However, the tale does show some remarkable instances where a woman is revealed as superior to almost anyone around her. For example, Scheherazade, her high level of education and remarkable humor not only qualifies her as talented but also describes her as a person. The tales from the Thousand and One Nights starts off with king, Shahzaman, whose wife has committed adultery with a kitchen boy. He kills both of them and commands that he will leave the kingdom immediately and to his brother’s kingdom in India. Coincidentally Shahzaman witnesses the same and catches his brother’s wife with twenty slave girls, ten white and ten black. Not knowing that Shahzaman was watching them, they were fraternizing one another till noon. From this…

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