Female Roles Of Female Officers Essay

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Female officers bring many important skills and abilities to the law enforcement community. Male and female officers have different methods for dealing with certain situations, and the female’s methods are no less successful than the males. Female officers are extremely focused on community-oriented policing (Garcia, 2003; Lonsway, 2003; Norvell et al., 1993; Rabe-Hemp, 2008; Rabe-Hemp & Schuck, 2007). They also tend to have a calming effect on the citizens they come in contact with, especially in domestic violence situations (Garcia, 2003; Lonsway, 2003; Rabe-Hemp & Schuck, 2007). Differences are present in the amount of force administered between male and female officers, but the rate of violence against officers does not vary significantly (Bazley, Lersch, & Mieczkowski, 2007; Garcia, 2003; Lonsway, 2003; Rabe-Hemp, 2008; Rabe-Hemp & Schuck, 2007). Major changes in law enforcement departments have been made regarding women and their abilities to be recognized as effective officers (Bazley et al., 2007; Garcia, 2003; Lonsway, 2003; Norvell, 1993; Rabe-Hemp, 2008; Schuck, 2007; Seklecki, 2007). Women in law enforcement have overcome multiple forms of discrimination and excel at their jobs, while providing useful skills. Community-oriented policing. Women have the ability to calm a potentially violent or hostile situation due to their feminine traits (Norvell et al., 1993; Rabe-Hemp, 2008, Rabe-Hemp & Schuck, 2007). Female officers utilize different skills than their male…

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