Female Prisons And The United States Essay

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Female criminals have been around long before the thought of a prison system even became into notion. Although according to today’s statistics they have a lower arrest rate, female crimes are increasing faster than male crimes (Steffensmeier & Allan, 2002). The United States has a specific prison system designed for these women. Up until this point of time, females were house with male inmates and left to fend for themselves. They were eith in close confinement with males or were put into one large holding area for multiple female prisoners. Today female prisons are geared to be more appropriate for them by recognizing the sensitivities of their gender. The first female prison in the United States was established in 1869 in downtown Indianapolis. The first seventeen prisoners arrived in 1873. (Jones, 2015). It was recently relocated in 1996 but still holds the same functions as a maximum security prison.
Two Quaker prison reformers learned of the mistreatment of women in the Indiana State Prison. Rhonda Coffin and Sarah Smith were appalled by the abuse and suffering of these female prisoners by male guards. In 1869, their bill for a “Female Prison and Reformatory Institution for Girls and Women” passed the state legislature and served as a precedent to prison reformers across the country” (Jones, 2015). Although this did not allow for the actual reforming of female prisoners, it did secure a little more safety for their wellbeing.
The Indiana Women’s Prison was a few…

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