The Irua Research Paper

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The Irua is known as female circumcision, it is “the cutting of the external genital excision, especially of the clitoris, and was performed by trained older women” (Davidson, 24). It is an important passage to adulthood, of making into being an adult for these girls that get this procedure. The important it has on these women in the Mt. Kenya region is significant. These girls know that when this procedure comes, they are ready to be an adult. It’s a right-of-passage, every girl wants to be a woman. Supporters were very important in the Irua, because when you had them you had someone to go through the circumcision with you. You also had someone that maybe has gone through it before as well.
How the circumcision goes is explained in the story
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The way that people in the US, aren’t making much of their goods anymore, but they are relying on overseas makers to make them. “Before the mid-1960s, free trade probably helped workers and consumers in the United States while disadvantaging workers in poorer countries. Exporters invested their profits at home in the United States, creating new jobs and boosting incomes” (The Dollars & Sense Collective, 79). I learned about, The World Bank and how the money is invested and loaned out as well. This relates to Poll Taxes in a way, as mentioned above. Not only that, but you have the IMF as mentioned above in this category as well. The topic of Free Trade Agreements is among a lot of the mini topics we discussed in class.
All of these topics relate to our discussion in different ways, regarding to Kenya and places like Argentina and women in Guatemala, are important. You see places like Kenya getting into the IMF business and you see places like Guatemala with Globalization. You have all these places that we learned about, tying into the topics that I talked about above. All these places have experienced something like this one way or another, IMF has gotten to all these places so far in my readings. Globalization has as well and these places have formed and gotten better or even worse in some

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