Female Peer 's Intervention With Justice Essay

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This feministic classic entails a jury of female peer 's intervention with justice. Critics believe this Tale was based on a real murder trial in which female Jurors were not allowed to serve. This commentary on the surface, can be viewed as a simple detective story, but can unravel into deeper meaning. From the text, I derived that the Men in the story viewed their wives as weaker figures in the household, but this commentary showcases their power in numbers. The men in this story are unknowingly deceived by their wives, ultimately missing the clues to the murder. The following will delve into the logic of sexism, classism, and discriminatory behavior which ultimately left a man dead, and another getting away with murder.

The unjust behavior of the woman were conditioned by societies’ standards. As woman were viewed as the weaker sex, and only valuable as overseers of the domestic arena these woman were predisposed to stand together. Which is shown after two of the women solve the case, they decide to silently decide to protect one of their own, ultimately becoming the true investigators, the judge, and the jury on Minnie 's case. Because of this Justice will not be served towards Minnie, and her husband has died in vain. The stereotypes and preconceptions the characters have in this story are disastrous towards maintaining peace.

Society has conditioned us to understand that Men are the dominate gender in every species. Sexism is defined as prejudice, stereotyping, or…

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