Essay about Female Nurses And Male Nurses

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During the hiring process male nurses encounter more difficulties than female nurses even though, both might have the same level of education, experience and qualification. Compared to women, men have a limited of places where they can apply to, which medical field is open to them, and where their employers choose to staff them. In some hospitals, employers refuse to hire men that want to work with infants or where they have to come in close contact with women such as gynecology, and some “policies actually barred men from certain jobs such as birthing and women’s surgery units” (McMurry, 2011, p. 24). The reason behind this is that hospitals are afraid of a misunderstanding between the patient and the male nurse resulting from what seems to be inappropriate touching. And one of the biggest reasons why male nurses are rarely let into the maternity ward because it is believed that men do not have the patiences, a gentle touch and nurturance to take care of infants. Another big fear is that any man who wants to take care of an infant is hiding some evil motive, such as being a pedophile. Instead of being allowed to work in a field that they want to, men are forced to take jobs in management, emergency room and administration, while women have a wider array of options to choose from.
Male and female nurses have a rocky relationship in the workplace. Female nurses often complain and feel like they have to do more work than their male counterparts, because of these feelings…

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