Female Infanticide And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Killing Baby Girls
1. By killing female infants and also not presenting female children with the same opportunities for education as males in countries like India, it prevents women from making substantial contributions to certain fields. This not only negatively affects the communities of the countries of countries such as India, but also the entire world. The advancements and contributes that could be made to fields like science and medicine by the female children that are killed or ignored by their societies could benefit people all around the world. By not giving female children the right to live or pursue education due cultural and socio-economic factors, countries like India limit opportunities for their society to grow and make progress.
2. The continued practice of Female infanticide in countries such as India negatively impacts their society, because it reinforces the sociocultural believe that females are worth less than males. Because of this, it is unlikely that a public outcry for change will ever develop in countries where female infanticide is a regular practice. This is due to the fact that even women in these societies see female children as burdens and choose to kill their female children to reduce the burden on their families. Because families of continue to kill their female children because their society believes that female children are burdens, it continues to be socially acceptable, and is unlikely to change.
3. By diminishing the gender…

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