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Slowly but surely the status of the females started rising in the trend of street gangs, which ultimately led to the diversification female status in street gangs, which are mainly female back up gangs which have affiliation with male gangs, then there are the mixed sex gangs, where male and female members have the same status and respect within the gang, and thirdly which is till currently less but rising at an alarming rate is the all independent female gangs. Because of this type of diversification the offence rate and the type of offences have matched that of male gang members. Though the rate of offences conducted by the male gang members are still very higher than their female counterparts, but the bridge is surely narrowing. However the major role of females in gangs apart from sex objects is drug peddling, but it is also actively involved in crimes of the likes of homicide, violent activities, battery charges and prostitution along with weapon and property charges. Female’s roles have changed a lot in last fifteen years or so, and females are moving at stupendous speeds towards organized crimes.

The major issues for females to join gangs, is because of economic and finance problems at home, also physical and sexual abuse at home also is one of the
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