Female Empowerment By Sophocles ' Antigone Essay

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In addition to the existence of female empowerment in Antigone across the world in a broad sense, there are also more specific examples in American society’s versions that strongly support the idea of feminism within the myth. For example, there is clear textual evidence in much of Creon’s dialogue in the traditional American translation of the play that suggests Antigone’s ability to act with the same level of power as a man. Karen Bovard, author of “Righteous Activist or Confrontational Madwoman: Sophocles ' Antigone,” claims: “That Antigone’s defiant act radically destabilizes gender roles is clear in Creon’s response to it. He says, ‘I’m no man–she is a man, she’s the king–if she gets away with this’” (Sophocles 40, 529-31, Bovard 19). If Antigone achieves what she wants, she is in control of the situation and takes on the role of a man in the sense that she is powerful and dominant. Men are viewed as having control of situations, and by controlling the situation with her uncle, it is Antigone who takes on a masculine presence, proving that females can be equal to males in this sense. Her assuredness and unwavering character are also exemplary features that portray her as masculine. Typical male behavior involves stubbornness in regards to decision-making, while females are known for their indecisiveness, and when Antigone refuses to change her mind while Creon eventually changes his (when it comes to her death sentence), gender roles are reversed. In this aspect, the…

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