Essay on Female Coming Of Age Stories

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Female coming of age stories are especially intriguing, considering that society often has a set of ideals about what is of value to women and what young women should experience. The Lives of Girls and Women, by Alice Munro, introduces the story of a girl named Del growing into a woman. Del is a young girl who is primarily raised by her mother. Del explores her sexuality, her religious beliefs, her sense of self-empowerment, and the function of gender in society. Housekeeping, written by Marilynne Robinson, is about the life of a young girl named Ruthie and her subtle transformation into a woman. Ruth is a seemingly odd and plain girl who takes little interest in the conventional endeavors of young women. She experiences a series of losses that ultimately shape her identity and self-understanding. This paper will explore the ways in which Del and Ruth are similar and different in who they are and in their experiences. (Go back & rewrite) Both Del and Ruthie have atypical mother/mother figures. A mother’s (or mother figure) relationship to her daughter, or lack thereof, aids in shaping her identity. Del’s mother, Ada, is considered different and fairly unconventional in comparison to most of the women in her community. She is an agnostic, while most of the people in the community were churchgoers. I feel that Del’s mother represents independence and a solid opposition to an extremely conventional and patriarchal society. To challenge convention, tradition, and men in the…

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