Female Circumcision, Genital, And Female Genital Mutilation Essay

1578 Words Nov 8th, 2016 7 Pages
Female circumcision, genital cutting, and female genital mutilation all describe the same cultural practice, but each has its own connotation. When journalists attempt to inform readers upon this practice, there are personal assumptions and connotations that, if not addressed properly, perpetuate an ethnocentric point of view. In this paper, I compare and analyze two American newspaper articles: the daily Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune’s “Minnesota Somalis see chance to lead fight against female genital cutting” and the weekly Newsweek’s “Female Genital Mutilation on the Rise in the U.S.” In analyzing these articles, I apply Claudie Gosselin’s discussion on cultural relativism to the practice of female circumcision as mentioned in her article, “Feminism, Anthropology and the Politics of Excision in Mali: Global and Local Debates in a Postcolonial World.” In addition, I use Binyavanga Wainaina’s critiques in her article, “How to Write About Africa,” as a base for critiquing how well or how poorly each article did in depicting the topic of female circumcision. Emphasizing the differences in which individuals or groups have agency and in the articles’ concentration on American influence, a comparison of local versus national news articles demonstrates that the local news story does better than the national in its discussion on female circumcision. However, when writing about a specific issue in an African community, country, or region, American journalists concentrate on…

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