Female Chauvinist Pigs By Ariel Levy Essay

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In “Female Chauvinist Pigs,” the author Ariel Levy writes on her point of view as to how she feels about women who abide by raunch culture. Levy believes women have to identify with several different gender stereotypes in order to participate in raunch culture. Gender stereotypes refer to simplistic generalizations of gender attributes and roles of individuals or groups. They may also be positive or negative but hardly disclose accurate information of others and reflect judgement. In addition, she categorizes the two different types of women which she considers participate in raunch culture, as one being the female chauvinist pig and the other being the “girly-girl” in order to support her arguments. In the passage, Levy’s concept of raunch culture upholds stereotypes with several different approaches. She does this by using labels created by society, interviewing only women who fit into the stereotypes and expressing opinions as if they were widely accepted when they are not. Throughout the passage, Levy makes reference to the two types of women who she believes participates in raunch culture. The first is the Female Chauvinist Pig, which, according to Levy is the type of woman who acts or presents herself with “male-like” behavior in order to feel as equals with men and to gain success in a male-dominated society. Levy writes, “participating in it is a way both to flaunt your coolness and to mark yourself as different, tougher, looser, funnier - a new sort of loophole…

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