Essay on Female Athletes Should Not Be Discriminated

1851 Words May 4th, 2016 8 Pages
feMALE Athletes Anything boys can do, girls can do better, but many do not believe this. Even girls themselves. Only 34% of girls say that sports are a big part of who they are, while 61% of boys say sports are a major part of who they are (Learn 44). Women have always been discriminated against whether it be in the workforce, in society, or in athletics. Right before our eyes society discriminates against girls in sports. Female activist demanded for a change. When congress passed a law stating that someone cannot be denied the opportunity or be discriminated against in any educational programs or activity receiving funding. Unfortunately, people admit to not abiding to this law. Because offenders are not punished they continue to take advantage of this law. Women are being discriminated against by the uniforms they wear, the media time they receive, and the number of scholarships or teams available for them. Women are being discriminated in many areas of athletics and are not being given the same opportunities as men are. It is understandable that some things have to be different between men and women when it comes to sports. One thing that should never be in question is the uniforms that females wear. Some people believe that the only way to get the female population recognition is making them wear feminine clothing on the field, court, or in the ring. FIFA President Sepp Blatter states,“‘Let the woman play in feminine clothing like they do in…

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