Female Anabaptists Were Educated On Beliefs And Practices Essay example

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Anna’s letter revealed that female Anabaptists were educated on beliefs and practices. Throughout Anna’s letter she cited multiple Bible passages to support why the Anabaptists believed what they did. This theological education was not limited to males. Anna was not afraid to proclaim and confess her beliefs, she spoke openly about her faith; this was crucial for both male and female Anabaptists. Anna was not weak; she defended her faith even while facing death.
Elisabeth Dirks was another female Anabaptist who defended her faith in front of her persecutors. Her interrogation was recorded,
Interrogator: Are our children damned then because they are baptized? Elisabeth: No, my lords. God forbid that I should judge the children.
Interrogator: Do you not seek your salvation in baptism?
Elisabeth: No, my lords, all the water in the sea could not save me, but salvation is in Christ, and he has commanded me to love God my Lord above all things and my neighbor as myself.
Interrogator: Have the priests power to forgive sins?
Elisabeth: No, my lords. How can I believe this? Christ is the only priest through whom sins are forgiven. See Hebrews 7:21.
Dirks was expected to understand Anabaptist beliefs, and she too cited her beliefs with scripture. Education to understand beliefs and scripture was necessary for all Anabaptists, especially in such a tense religious environment. Defense of the faith was not limited to only males, females had the same responsibility.
Anna and Dirks…

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