Fellowship of the Ring Essay

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Stefan Palylyk
Mr. McDougal
English II H
Important Themes in Fellowship of the Ring: Religion’s Impact on Imagination Throughout history, religion has hugely impacted such things as art, science, literature, etc. J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the Fellowship of the Ring, is a person who represents his Catholic beliefs within his writing at numerous times. Since his religious beliefs had a profound impact on his life, Tolkien alludes to many things in the novel. He symbolizes Catholic figures such as Jesus, the apostles, and themes such as the genealogy mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew. Since the Catholic faith is mostly centered around Jesus Christ, Tolkien finds a way to represent Jesus in certain characters in the story. The
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The reason Frodo is vulnerable to such evil is because of the history of the ring. Frodo constantly battles the temptation that saw people like Bilbo and the Black Riders go crazy. Jesus’ temptation, is very similar as a whole. The devil tempts Jesus in the desert to do things such as go against God, which he is able to refuse. In the novel Frodo is clearly portrayed as the figure most related to Jesus in his mission, the power he obtains, and the temptation he experiences. Frodo’s journey and mission is not an independent task, he is aided by his companions much like Jesus. Much like the apostles who follow Jesus, help spread the word of God, and proclaim the kingdom of God, Frodo’s companions accompany him throughout his journey. They not only follow him but help protect him and the ring. Even though Frodo has the power of the Ring to fight off evil, it would be extremely difficult for him to carry out his mission without the help of other characters. Also, much like Jesus, Frodo’s companions stay faithful to him and commit their time to helping Frodo achieve his goal of reaching Mordor. The dedication of Frodo’s companions is seen when Merry says, “You can trust us to stick to you through thick and thin–to the bitter end. And you can trust us to keep any secret of yours–closer than you yourself keep it,” “Fellowship of the Ring”

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