Felix Longoria's Wake Essay

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Felix Longoria’s Wake

The book Felix Longoria’s Wake is the account of the death of Felix Longoria a soldier that caused controversy and outrage in Mexican-American activism.
This book is put together with documented evidence and interviews with key figures. Carroll explains the reason behind why Longoria’s incident ignited activism. There were more severe acts of discrimination against Mexican Americans that were not brought into the spot light. He clarifies why this particular incident became such a turning point in nationalism and emotion between the Mexican and American cultures. Felix Longoria was a first class private who earned many metals including: a Bronze Service Star, a
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“The decision to bury Felix in a place other than Three Rivers became a collective demand for justice, dignity, and equality” (Carroll Pg69). The incident casted light upon the social conditions and what was really going on in South Texas as well as educate America. “And they chose the hero’s burial in Arlington National Cemetery, because what it does is place this incident, Mexican-American civil rights, within a national forum for the first time”(Interview pg 2). And this had prior attempts that were unsuccessful. This was really the first time there had been a connection between the general public and Hispanics, which happened to be discrimination. It just so happened to be against a U.S. Soldier right after World War II and he happened to be Mexican-American.
I would recommend this book to someone of age who can really understand. I think that some people could really look over this and not see why it is so important. My father served in the Viet Nam War and growing up I listened to so many stories that he would share. I know that he fought with all kinds of people including the Vietnamese so I think I myself have a better understanding. I really appreciate anyone who serves and fights to defend the United States. I think it is really amazing that people from other countries move their life here and decide to enlist and serve. Felix Longoria definitely earned his

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