Felix Dennis How To Get Rich Analysis

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XV. Felix Dennis - How To Get Rich!

The media tycoon Felix Dennis wrote a book titled, “How To Get Rich” where he shares his secrets of success. Here are some ways to become rich according to him:

Confidence is the key.
Having tunnel vision is essential.
Building stamina to work hard even if you get ridiculed.
Be willing to fail and not care what the neighbors think. You only get as far as the people you cater to.
Prepare to work long hours.

He believes you should never give up ownership no matter how much money offered for your business. Stay the CEO because if the business soar majority of the money comes back to you.

When he was 25 years old he would work 16 hours a day and that is one reason he never went bankrupt. He just kept on
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Keep in mind, CEOs cannot afford to lose in the game of life so they are always looking for more ways to win. That is why they get paid so much from their businesses while employees work hard beneath them because if things go bad all the responsibility falls on the CEO and they ultimately lose the most because their subordinates could always get another job at another company.

XVIII. Sleep Patterns of Millionaires & Billionaires

From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Donald Trump and Martha Stewart, there are plenty of millionaires and billionaires who talk about only getting 4 hours of sleep a day. They believe this is enough time to properly rest so the next 20 hours could get used for full productivity.

For a millionaire or billionaire, there is not enough hours in the day to do everything they want, which is why they create more hours to fit more responsibilities or they would simply outsource work so they have more time to complete tasks.

Let’s take a look at the sleep patterns of the most popular millionaires and billionaires.

Winston Churchill would only take 2 hour naps throughout the day.
Leonardo Da Vinci adopted an Uberman sleep cycle requiring him to take 20-minute naps every four
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8-Hour Sleepers

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos prefers to get 8 hours of sleep daily because he could tell the difference in his performance. Fatigue sets in and his work start suffering when he is tired.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey gets about 8 hours a day too.

What does John Hopkins say about sleep?

John Hopkins University did a research study about sleep and found that it is better to take an uninterrupted short and sound sleep than a long fitful one. When the sleep disrupts you cannot progress to the next stages, which causes an imbalance. This study shows that even a long interrupted sleep negatively affects positive moods and reduces energy levels during the waking hours. So, imagine if you slept deeply for only 4 uninterrupted hours. You would be fully charged ready to take on the day.

Barack Obama only got about 6 hours of sleep a day during his presidency and former president Bill Clinton said, “great me require less sleep.”

How much sleep are you getting?

Are you willing to sleep only 4 hours a day?

Are you willing to rest when you die or when you have more time?

Are you willing to spend 20 hours a day for years perfecting your crafts and honing your talents so you can become a millionaire or

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