Essay about Feeding Hope For A Community Garden

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“Approximately 792.5 million people in the world do not get the food they need to live a healthy life. That is nearly one out of every nine people on earth” (Stop Hunger Now). This is such a devastating thought that many people become overwhelmed and don’t know how to help the hungry people in this world. Hunger may not be stopped all at once, but it can be stopped in a small portion. Once a program is started in a community, it can expand to more communities helping thousands of people. In the past, Bradford County has not offered a program that will help the hungry families to survive. Now, Feeding Hope is a program that will begin in Bradford County to help the many hungry families. It will be responsible for providing for these families with the help of the individuals living in Bradford County. Feeding Hope should be available to help the families by arranging a community garden, local stores will be donating food, and cooking classes will be offered. Feeding Hope will begin a community garden. This garden will be in a local homeless shelter, Lost Valley. Walmart will donate the supplies needed to attain the garden including seeds, garden utensils, and fertilizer. Volunteers from the community, along with the individuals living in the shelter, will take care of the garden. Bradford High School’s agricultural program will go to the community garden once a week to help take care of the garden. These fruits and vegetables will be available to the families in need, giving…

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