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This essay will discuss that teacher feedback on assessment has long been part of the teaching and learning process and teacher-student relationship at university. Conversely, it is probable that teachers and students value feedback in diverse ways. Accounting to Hattie and Timperley(2007,p. 1) feedback was identified as acknowledge provided by teachers and students. Feedback has become an indispensable part of education, especially with teaching and learning procedures. According to Ovando(1994, p. 19) feedback has become a method to promote the learning process and teaching consequence. Understandably, instructors and learners have a different point of view on feedback. The assessment that students obtain from teacher's modification …show more content…
Blair, Curtis, Goodwin and Shields(2013,p. 67)found that students have become attentive to achieve valued feedback as a bridge for gain more markers on grade. This means that students pay more attention to their grade than to feedback (Melanie, 2006, p. 379). Furthermore, feedback is used as tool to help learners study in-depth. Ovando (1994, p. 19) shows that assessment has been acknowledged as a device to enhance the teaching learning process.As mentioned previously, students use feedback to help them learn additional knowledge. Rowe (2011, p. 345) found that learners who value assessment have a greater opportunity to have an outstanding learning experience. In addition, it guides students to be on the right route. As Hattie and Timperley (2007, p. 15) noted that assessment have helped students avoid the wrong path. In addition, teachers feedback for students are able to extend their capability. Dangchamroon(2013,p. 244)claimed that teachers are able to notice their word choice impinge on the student's learning behaviors and capability. Feedback is also a platform for students and teachers to exchange studying and teaching information. Rowe (2011, p. 354) claimed that assessment is a chance for a more interactive relationship with instructors. Students want to have a direct discussion with their tutors more than with a member of a group. The teacher need create a good interaction and relationship with students by encourage

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