Feedback With Formative Instructional Assessment

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Using Effective Feedback with Formative Instructional Practices
How do I know as a teacher what my students have really learned? I often ask with this question while assessing student knowledge; however, most assessments aren’t always a true indicator of learning because they only provide part of the big picture of what an individual student truly knows. As defined by Sadler, “[Formative assessment] refers to assessment that is specifically intended to provide feedback on performance to improve and accelerate learning,” enables the teacher to assess a student’s knowledge in different modes more effectively and more adequately contributing to the big picture of individual student learning. Using Formative Instructional Practices to assess
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This method is an effective and paperless way to collect evidence of learning. In addition, it points out what the student is doing well and offers specific information to guide improvement. Dry erase boards engage my entire class and provide evidence of student learning. I have small, individual personal-sized white boards accessible for each student. I also have one larger dry erase board for each group for group work, assessing prior knowledge, reviewing strategies and practicing …show more content…
This act of writing something down with colors and in larger print seems to help them understand the research concepts more vividly. However, some students are easily distracted with the boards and tend to draw pictures and play games on the boards instead of the intended assignment. On the other hand, this off task behavior is somewhat easy to tackle because of the visual aspects of the boards. In the end, I still find this method of assessment most effective for giving my students effective

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