Feedback From Dar 's Employees On The Transition Needs Of Youth

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Interviewer: Okay, first I will give a little introduction to our study. You are asked to participate in this focus group to get feedback from Dar 's employees on the transition needs of youth. We would like to hear about the challenges that are commonly faced by students with disabilities and their families, what resources are needed to ensure successful transition and what you think are the most important services or changes you would like to see. So, we went over the consent form and do you have any questions before we start about the setting?

Alice: Nuh-uh.

Interviewer: All right, so my first question is, if you could tell me a little bit about your experience with transition, how long have you been working in this area and anything else that you want to share about that?

Luis: Well, I have been working for over four years in transition and it has been a very rewarding experience working with all of my children. With DBS we began transition at ago ten, unlike DRS that begins at age 16, we feel like there are more intense services that are needed for our visually impaired students.

So, we began working with then, actually we began working with them at birth, but for transition age ten and we go all the way up to 24 to ensure proper service are provided and unemployment outcome is in the rising form. So, we began vocational adjustment training, social skills training through group skills, camps, workshops, seminars and work experiences. We do a lot of…

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