Feed By Feed Essays

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Feed by M.T. Anderson takes place in America in the near future. This world has many scientific and technological advancements, such as flying cars and colonization on extraterrestrial environments such as the moon. Although the society achieves many scientific and technological advancements, much of the natural world has been destroyed, leaving oceans as a toxic oil slick and little remaining forests. Possible side effects of all the radiation in the atmosphere and the destroyed environment, lesions grow commonly in the civilians’ body, deteriorating their skin. Powerful corporations control the public education system, teaching the citizens mindless and pointless knowledge comprising of how to decorate one room and what products to buy. The general population of the alternate earth has a computer chip implanted in their brain, known as the feed, giving them access to the internet, social media, and senseless news creating a monotonous population. Although the feed provides access to the internet and other resourceful tools, nevertheless, M.T. Anderson uses the feed to symbolize corporate power and how the population would rather live in a fake reality and react aggressively when confronted with reality.
The feed has shown to be the fundamental basis for the civilian lifestyle in the alternate society in the Feed. After Titus and his friends got hacked on the moon and recovered from the traumatic experience Titus said, "And the feed was pouring in on us now, all of it, all…

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