Fedex Managerial Analysis

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Managerial Analysis of FedEx
The History of FedEx The history of FedEx (2015) is a compelling story about the entrepreneurial spirit of one man and the incredible development of business in the United States. The founder of FedEx, Fredrick W. Smith, while attending Yale University, wrote a term paper on the necessity of an air cargo system that didn’t rely on air passenger carriers to move cargo and time critical packages. After graduating from college and a short stint in the military, Fred Smith bough the controlling interest in Arkansas Aviation Sales, a small company located in Little Rock Arkansas, in 1971. FedEx officially began operations on April 17th, 1973, with 389 team members and 14 aircraft, delivering 389 packages to 25 cities
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It’s also the most difficult to implement in an organization that delivers over 11 million shipments each day, according to FedEx (2015). Achieving this ties into the second element of FedEx’s mission; “Customer requirements will be met in the highest quality manner appropriate to each market segment served (FedEx 2, n.d.).” The volume of packages and services delivered requires a massive and well organized supply chain management system. According to the Business Dictionary (2015), Supply Chain Management is; “the management of material and information flow in a supply chain to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction at the lowest possible …show more content…
To manage the pick-up, movement and delivery of millions of packages daily, revolutionary technology is employed to help make the gap between people and technology seamless. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tracking operations, systems that physically track the location of delivery vehicles is a vital part of FedEx organizing strategy (ESRI, 2011). The system integrates the physical location of vehicles and intuitive software that predicts the best routing for traffic and pick-up/delivery services. FedEx (FedEx 4, 2015) Couriers carry hand held computer scanners that instantly relay position, and package delivery and pick-up status through a wireless network to FedEx’s mainframe computer server

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