Federalist No 84 Analysis

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Merlino 1Timothy MerlinoDr. Katharine TravalinePSCI 11027 January 2015Federalist No. 84 Summary PaperOur United States of America maintains its foundation through its complex governmentstructure. In 1787, the United States of America needed to form a government that would satisfythe most equal confidence in the two main political ideologies. One group proposed a newdocument of governing rules known as The Constitution. The Federalists had to convince theother major political power known as the Anti-Federalists. The Federalists created a progressiveset of documents known as the Federalist papers to address the Anti-Federalists fears andconcerns of the proposed Constitution. Federalist No 84 was created to address any remainingobjections to the …show more content…
I think Hamilton’s prediction was correct in some ways. The Bill of Rightshas been challenged, interpreted, and amended continually and does not show any sign ofstopping otherwise. The dynamic interpretations validated Hamilton’s fears but many times thechanges ended up protecting a great population of individual’s liberties.A third point of contention is addressed. The opposition believes no central governmentis needed and its existence undermines individual political power. Hamilton states the purpose ofthe central government and how its existence in rivalry with State governments further protectsthe political power of the citizens (Hamilton, 3). Hamilton clarifies the proposed newgovernment structure will provide a more knowledgeable and stronger voice for all the states.Hamilton states that individuals can not alone understand and communicate the scope of theirState’s political needs. Hamilton argues that knowledgeable representatives will maintain anatural bias to their own States which will provide a stable balance of influence in both systemsof government (Hamilton, No 84).Hamilton’s last argument is a solution for the result expenses and potential threats to thenew system of government. His solutions propose what I think is a main point of struggle tofollow. The proposed new governing system will protect people’s freedoms but the citizens needto be taxed for this to work appropriately. Hamilton states people’s taxes should go to the Centralgovernment and the Central government should allocate the resources down to the Stategovernments. His solution to maintain a fair allocation of resources is in the bicameral legislativebody. One controlled by population and one controlled by a fixed number of representatives.This keeps the Central

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