Federalism And Its Powers Of The Federal System Essay

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Federalism And Its Powers

When you hear the distribution of powers within the federal system, what comes to mind? What is the federal system, how are these powers distributed within this system, or is McDonalds still open? If McDonalds did not come to mind, according to Dautrich & Yalof (2014) “the federal system is a system of government in which power is divided between a central government and constituent political subunits”. The powers within the federal system are called the enumerated powers, reserved powers, and concurrent powers. These powers were designed so each state could delegate to the new central governments powers while retaining full power within its own constitutionally designated sphere of authority (p.56).

The powers delegated to congress under Article 1 of the constitution are called enumerated powers. These powers range from the ability to borrow money on the U.S credit, regulate foreign commerce, regulate commerce with Indian nations, conduct foreign affairs, coin money, punish counter fitting, establish courts inferior to the Supreme Court, establish post office, establish patent and copyright laws (p.56). These powers can be viewed as set of rules on what you can do, almost like being in a family. For example, imagine your family as you grew up. There where a certain set of rules that were dictated on what you could do and could not do. Some of these rules might have been to stay in the house before it got dark, bedtime was at 9 p.m., couldn’t…

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