Federal Social Welfare On Improving The Plight Of African Americans

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The two eras that defined Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency are the Depression years in which he pushed for his ‘New Deal’ for Americans, and the global conflict of the Second World War. What distinctly separates these two periods is the nature of where the problem lied. During the New Deal era the United States was plagued by an economic depression that left Americans of all races and geographical regions destitute and calling for federal action to improve their individual situation. The Second World War years were defined by a mobilization of Americans by the Federal Government to action to defend democracy against the threats of fascism and totalitarianism abroad. The domestic versus foreign focus of these two different time periods helped shape the degree of progress made for African American civil rights. In order to understand the extent to which the New Deal era drove progress for African-Americans this essay will be investigating the relative impact that the expanded programs of federal social welfare on improving the plight of African Americans as well as the changing nature of race-relations and an increasing black voice caused and shown by the events of this era. World War II can be understood in the context of African-American advancement by the need for the United States to mobilize all of its resources and manpower for war. The war also contributed to the exposure of the contradictory nature of U.S. racial caste system by espousing the conflict as a fight to…

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