Federal Laws On The United States Essay

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The offices of local, state, and federal government have a large impact in the day to day lives of all Americans. From setting speed limits to funding education and even to fighting in Washington D.C. to help pass laws. Though you may believe some levels of government may have a larger presence in your life, there are many things happening outside of your town or state that is impacting your life as well. The President, Congress, Department of Education, State Senator, and Town Council all make a difference in your life each and every day.
Though people may feel that the laws established by the federal government may not always affect them to the same degree as state and local laws, there are some federal laws that hold a significant impact in the lives of college students like myself. Those federal laws would be laws regarding education. Federal laws regarding education are about equal access to education and protecting not only the students, but also the professors’ constitutional rights. Education is not seen as a constitutional right, like freedom of assembly or speech, however it remains a significant enough concern to warrant constitutional protection. Therefore, students are protected against discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or disability, or ethnicity. The federal government also impacts education by distributing funding only to the school districts that follow specific federal guidelines. About two percent of our federal budget is spent on…

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