Federal Investment Into American Infrastructure Essay

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It is against civil liberties to pay less to women for jobs equivalent to men’s. “Women workers today earn 78 percent of what their male counterparts make” (Senator Bernie Sanders). In response to this Bernie Sanders, like all the Democrats do, proposes to pay equally to women workers. After the preparation of a financial base the next step is the most massive piece of Sanders’s plan: rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure.
Infrastructure is a fundamental part of our everyday life, and, because of this, Bernie Sanders wants a major rehaul of it. In January 2015 he introduced a bill about federal investment into American infrastructure to the US Congress. Bernie is not waiting for the Presidential campaign to bring his thoughts to the table. He is always a man of action. And this Sanders’s position is similar to Obama’s (Feldmann). Fixing “roads, bridges, water system, waste water plants, airports, railroads, and schools” is a crucial investment into the future (Senator Bernie Sanders). Any human interference in the environment, like building or rebuilding, should be done with regards to natural condition.
For future generations it will be very important to work on revising climate change. Today science has made a big progress in terms of seeking alternative sources of energy such as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass. As a leader of the world, the USA will move in this direction to protect the environment and also create many good paying jobs. We need to improve living…

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